About RuralMed EMS

If you are looking for high quality transportation and fast call responses, then RuralMEd is the service you need to trust. We are one of the most trusted EMS services around the Southern and Central Illinois area. We hire the best employees that are held to the highest standards regarding honesty and integrity.

We Provide The Best Care Around!


24-hour dispatch line


Advanced Life Support Transport Team

RuralMed hires only the most highly qualified medical professionals . We take those individuals, and train them through an extensive process to create industry leading staff. This staff is capable of transporting the most challenging high acuity patients.

Excellence in staffing combined with high quality equipment and the ability for either two or three man crews, allows us to transport almost any patient without the need for your facility to send out your much needed nursing staff.

Our quality service allows us to protect your patient satisfaction ratings and saving your facility much needed revenue. We transport patients needing advanced interventions and multiple med drips

Continuous pacing Post arrest patients, Acute respiratory, chest tubes and patients needing blood products and medications such as sedation, pressors, insulin drips, and many more are within our scope. Call us for all your transport needs.


Driving healthcare to new heights.


• Our company as a whole is one team

• We all strive for a common goal

• We include hospitals patient and other emergency services


• We are constantly elevating our knowledge

• We promote individual education

• Strongly believe in sharing our education with those around us


• Creating a better way to serve our patients

• Easing the workload of local hospitals

• Simplifying the process of patient transpor


A company wide belief in doing the right thing, every time, even when no one is looking

Career Opportunities At RuralMed EMS