Standby Service

Comprehensive Event Standby Service

Rely on RuralMed to provide seasoned medical personnel for your event to protect all your spectators, participants and staff. You can also get dedicated medical coverage for high profile visitors. We can customize every aspect of our service according to the needs and budget of your event and offer wide variety of options as well. Before accepting any assignment, we assure that every possibility for injury is addressed and that we can efficiently cover your event by performing a pre-event survey. Our services include:
  • Pre-event consultations and emergency plan development
  • Communication systems (Radio’s) and communication plans
  • Event medical staffing – event EMT, event paramedic, event RN
  • Emergency management
  • Post event operational debrief
  • Biohazard disposal
You can schedule our event medical services for any time of day or any season. We offer coverage 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Whether you need a single EMT or Paramedic to provide basic first aid, or you need full coverage for events of 20,000 spectators and more, RuralMed has the capabilities to handle everything. Our highly trained staff has the experience to keep you and your guests safe.

Some Advantages of Our Event Standby Service

  • Allow the organizer to focus on more critical issues in the planning process during the event and at clean-up / debrief by reducing the workload.
  • Assess the event and provide a comprehensive risk analysis, which minimizes the cost. You will know exactly what you need, not too much and not too little.
  • Take care of the safety and health of everyone by providing highly qualified, experienced and specialized event paramedics and EMTs who are licensed and insured.
  • Ensure peace of mind to the organizers, event staff, guests, participants, and spectators who are present in the event by providing the most appropriate staff and all the necessary medical equipment and extrication vehicles.
There is a potential risk of an injury or illness in every event, which is the reason each of our staff is guaranteed to be licensed, insured, and sponsored by a licensed emergency physician.